Where will you go in there shoes

Dear baby starting to walk
KUROKIO's first shoes

Where will you go
in there shoes

Dear baby starting to walk
first shoes


"First Shoes" Baby's first step

Baby's first step
" First Shoes "

Among the things you can wear, "shoes" that make you imagine growth as you stand, walk, and move forward.
You will wear various shoes in a long life, but among them, the smallest shoes that take the first step in your life are cherished as "first shoes".

However, in reality, babies do not need shoes for a while after they are born, so there are various interpretations of when to wear them and when to wear them as "first shoes".
Overseas, after putting them on formally, they decorate them at the entrance or cherish them, and when the child grows up and stands alone, he says, "I hope I can walk firmly with my own feet." It seems that there is a custom of giving a gift with a message.
Our first shoes are made as a decoration that also protects against the cold, which you can wear before you start walking.
It's more like a souvenir than a training shoe for practicing walking, but it's made with the same materials and manufacturing method as adult shoes, so you can walk a lot.
Adult shoes are almost the same size and can be worn for years with maintenance, but leather shoes as first shoes can only be worn for a really short period of time, so they can be quite a luxury item. ..
Still, I wanted to see a baby in leather shoes.
Even after long-term storage, leather will return to its original state when polished.

The scratches on your baby, whether left as they are or polished and cared for, will be a memorial that will remind you of your babyhood when you grow up.

ファーストシューズの木型をヤスリがけする工程 ニスで仕上げたファーストシューズの木型 ファーストシューズのアッパー ミシンでの縫い割りの工程 ファーストシューズのアッパー ミシン 絹糸 カーフ 縫い割り 腕ミシン 外羽根 ファーストシューズのアッパーの釣り込みの工程 ファーストシューズの靴底 手縫いでの底付けの工程 革のファーストシューズ コテを当てる工程 革のファーストシューズ 靴底を磨く工程


We also make custom-made shoes. Our shoe making begins with measuring the customer's feet and scraping the square timber to make a wooden pattern.

The wooden pattern of this first shoe was shaved while observing the feet of my daughter, who was about 8 months old. We make prototypes of adult shoes and proceed with the production while asking customers about their comfort and design preferences, but since we cannot hear the impressions of babies, we wear them from our usual shoe making experience. I made it by imagining the comfort.


Shape and function

The baby has small heels and no ankles, so I chose boots (high cut) to prevent them from coming off.

Thong shoes are a bit tricky to put on, but they are easy to fine-tune and fit perfectly on your soft baby's feet and ankles.

Inner cushion

I want to make it as soft as possible, so I put a cushion in the insole between the outer material and the lining. As the cushion space is created, the cold weather is increased.

Hard heels

The heel and toe are hardened with a leather core to prevent them from getting out of shape. Supports the heels of soft babies.

Leather sole

The baby who has just started walking is still unable to raise his legs firmly and walks with a slight slap. The non-slip rubber is only on the heel to prevent it from tipping over. However, the surface of the leather sole is roughened to prevent it from slipping too much.


The soles are sewn by the hand-sewn McKay method. Before removing the wooden pattern, make pilot holes in the outsole, upper, and insole, remove the wooden pattern, and then sew through the thread.


About the material

The outer material is fine-textured and glossy calf leather, the lining and insole are easy to absorb sweat and have a little roughness, and the insole is easy to absorb sweat. The outsole is also made of cowhide that can be sewn by hand, finished with iron and wax, and polished to give it a glossy finish.

Material Details

Outer material

Calf leather


Pig leather


Pig leather


Calf lesther







Heel(Ground plane)


Sewing thread

silk・cotton・ polyester

Bottom sewing thread




Internal cushion



Two sizes

The size is a little smaller than general first shoes, considering that you can wear it before you start walking.
Two types, 10 cm and 11 cm, are available.
As a guide, I think it's best to choose 10 cm from about 6 months after birth before standing up, and 11 cm if you want to wear it when you can stand up and walk along.
All walking photos in Image (separate page) were taken wearing 11 cm. )


frequently asked questions

A Only black and brown are sold as ready-made products.

If you want a different color, we will place an order as a pattern order. The price is the same as adult shoes, starting from 66,000 yen. For details,go to KUROKIO website

* We currently have 3 months for delivery.

A Sorry, We do not accept names

A Is possible. Hang the ribbon.

Since the special box has irregularities and the wrapping paper may be torn when wrapped, we use simple wrapping by simply hanging the ribbon directly on the box. For the same reason, we do not accept Noshi.

A It is also sold at the actual store (Kobe).

It is sold at the KUROKIO store (Kobe City), so if you want to see the real thing, please come and visit us. We may take a break suddenly, so we would appreciate it if you could contact us before coming to the store.